Bumi Purnati Indonesia

Bumi Purnati Indonesia is an independent legal entity, which was founded in 2007 and is domiciled in Jakarta. The company’s areas of expertise range from performing and visual arts, art consultation, photography services, to organizing art exhibitions. Bumi Purnati Indonesia is presided by Restu Imansari Kusumaningrum, known for her dedication to art, both as an artist and as a professional manager and producer of grand art events, both locally and internationally.

Bumi Purnati Indonesia has worked with the Bali Purnati Foundation and with numerous local and international artists to highlight Indonesia’s rich cultural heritage, among others, Rahayu Supanggah, Indonesia’s foremost composer who has taken Indonesia’s music to international forums; Robert Wilson, America’s avant-garde and visionary stage director and playwright who worked with Philip Glass on Einstein on the Beach and collaborates with numerous other artists of name, recently with Marina Abramovic, and visualized the South Sulawesi epic of I La Galigo to  world acclaim. Bumi Purnati also collaborated with the Kronos Quartet, which is considered the most famous group of new music in the world, and with the participants of the performing arts program for the Indonesian Pavilion in the Shanghai World Expo 2010. The company has also added the production of the Bugis Culture Exhibition in Makassar in 2011 to its credit.

In 2011, after taking I La Galigo around the world during 8 years, Bumi Purnati Indonesia again collaborated with Change Performing Arts, a well established and independent production company based in Milan, Italy, and Bali Purnati Art Center to produce the staging of the epos of South Sulawesi’s I La Galigo in Makassar, which was again directed by Robert Wilson.

Bumi Purnati published books include- “Tata Rias Panggung – Make Up by Martha Tilaar for I La Galigo” (2012); “10 tahun I La Galigo” (2011); the art philosophy of Bugis culture book titled “Tiga dari Galigo” (2011); and “Panggung the Stage World Expo Shanghai” (2010). In 2013, Bumi Purnati brought “Sakti: L’armonia Del Cielo” tothe Spoleto Festival dei 2 Mondi. The following year, “Sakti; A Gamelan Orchestra” graced a performance in the Esplanade Concert Hall, Singapore and “Under The Volcano”during The 6th Theatre Olympics in Beijing in 2014.

A Partner of the Losari Foundation, Bumi Purnati Indonesia is involved in preserving and producing batik made with natural colors, and together with Bali Purnati Foundation, has been actively involved in the research for the Klungkung Kertha Gosa building preservation project. Restu Imansari is actively involved in Badan Kerjasama Kesenian Indonesia [BKKI] and The Lontar Foundation. As the initiator and organizer of the Indonesia National Pavilion in the Venice Biennale 2013, Bumi Purnati Indonesia in partnership with Change Performing Arts successfully brought the Indonesian Pavilion “SAKTI” to life.

Working partners for the running of the culture and arts development of Indonesia.

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The Birth of I La Galigo
Voyage Trokomod
PANGGUNG / THE STAGE BOOK (Indonesia-English)
Buku Perjalanan 10 tahun Opera “ I La Galigo”
Make Up PAC
Tiga dari Galigo
The Birth of I La Galigo

The Birth of I La Galigo

The Birht of I La Galigo
A poem inspired by the Bugis Legend of the same name
Indonesian language text by Supardi Djoko Danamo
English language text by John H. McGlynn
Based on adaptation of the Bugis text by Mohamad Salim
Many of the ethnic groups of the Indonesian archipelago have produced thousands of great works of literature in a variety of languages and alphabets. One of which has captured the attention of experts is I La Galigo, the masterwork of the Bugis people, written in Bugis language and script. This text, also known as Sureg Galigo or Sureg Seleang, contains the Bugis myth that tells the life stories of Datu Patoto, Batara Guru, as well as the stories of their families and predecessors. This work is considered by experts in the field of the ancient texts of the Indonesian archipelago to be one of the great masterworks in the world, not only because is covers a wide range of issues that humanity faces, but first and foremost because of it’s length, which exceeds other great work of classic literature, such as India’s Mahabharata by Valmiki and Greece’s Odyssey by homer. The text consists of about 300,000 lines, longer than the 200,000 lines of Mahabharata. this lengthy work is divided into several tereng or episode. this episode most widely known by the Bugis people is the one that depicts the marital relationship between Sawerigading and a princess I We Cudai. Born from this union is the personage whom the text was eventually named after, I La Galigo

In this core, this literary work brings forth the Bugis people’s idea of cosmology, which divides the world into three spheres: the Sky, the Earth, and the Underworld. Using the characters in the story, this text underlines the existence of complex relationship between the three spheres. When the world was still empty, before it was even populated by man – even before it existed – the Gods in the sky decided to send Batara Guru, a fellow god, down to Mayapada to create and rule over man, as well as the world. There is interesting reasoning to be found here, which is the realization that, without anyone to worship them, gods wouldn’t be gods. That is why man had to be created. The beginning of this literary work present an idea on the process of creation. In order to have descendants, Batara Guru later married his cousin, We Nyilik Timo, who came from the Underworld; the correlation between air, earth and water is reflected through the marital relationships between the denizens of the three realms. (…)

The Birth of I La Galigo
copyright ©2005
The Lontar Foundation and The Bali Purnati Centre for the Arts
Copyright for the Indonesian version of the poem ©2005 Supardi Djoko Damono
Book coordinator: Adila Suwarmo
Book design and layout: Oky Arfie Hutabarat with Debbie T. Wager
Copyright for the English language version of the poem ©2005 John H. McGlynn
Printed in Indonesia by Ikrar Mandiri
All rights reserved, including the right of production in whole or part in any form.
ISBN No. 979-8083-56-3

2 Bahasa (Indonesia/English)
Pages : 94
Paper Supplied by Paperina



The Official Book of the Indonesia Pavilion at 55th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia

Published in conjunction with the opening of the groundbreaking Indonesia Pavilion in the 55th International Art Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia, the book Sakti is a timely introduction to contemporary Indonesian art-its past, present and future. French author and art critic Jean Couteau writes in intriguing overview of the cultural background against which modern and contemporary art in Indonesia evolved. In his essay, the Italian art critic Achille Bonito Oliva discusses the meaning of arts in the time of globalization. Art critic and journalist Carla Bianpoen and curator Rifky Effendy provide insights into the fascinating works created the artists participating in the pavilion: Albert Yonathan Setyawan, Eko Nugroho, Entang Wiharso, Titarubi, Sri Astari and Rahayu Supanggah. Profiles of the artists examine the lives and work of these talented individuals. Illustrated with compelling and colorful images and photos, the book offers a tantalizing look at Indonesian contemporary art today.

Product Details

Carla Bianpoen
Rifky Effendy
Jean Couteau
Achille Bonito Oliva
Fendi Siregar

Publisher Bumi Purnati Indonesia

Publication date June 2013

Pages 119
Product dimensions 21 x 29,7 cm
Paper material Tatami White 150 gr

Voyage Trokomod

Voyage Trokomod

Conceived by Heri Dono, one of Indonesia’s leading contemporary artists, Voyage-Trokomod fuses the image of the deceitful Trojan horse with that of Indonesia’s Komodo dragon. Frightfully fanciful, the massive site-specific work is the nation’s answer to Okwui’s Enwezor’s challenging Biennale theme: “All the World’s Futures.”

Rising out of the depths of history, the creature is the artist’s vehicle of exploration, through which he examines the state of the world, as well as his country’s position and his own. Bristling with canon-like telescopes, and accompanied by an armada of angel-like “Perahu Arwah (Spirit Boats),” the “Trokomod” possesses distinctive powers to disrupt our consciousness.

Filled with photos, illustrations and texts by distinguished authors, the book Voyage-Trokomod takes readers on a new voyage of discovery. Watch Heri Dono at work, as he reflects on influences on his own art-wayang (Javanese puppet theater) and comics like Flash Gordon, which took him to the moon, long before man landed there. Peer through telescopes, enter the belly of the beast, and see the past and future from another perspective. As Dono says: “Depending on where one stands my East could be someone’s West.”

PANGGUNG / THE STAGE BOOK (Indonesia-English)

PANGGUNG / THE STAGE BOOK (Indonesia-English)

Panggung Paviliun Indonesia semarak sepanjang enam bulan penyelenggaraan World Expo Shanghai China 2010. Antara lain berkat penampilan memikat para seniman, Paviliun Indonesia berhasil mendatangkan pengunjung delapan juta lebih. Kehangatan yang mereka pancarkan dari setiap penampilan adalah jembatan andal yang menghubungkan Indonesia dan pengunjung.
Panggung adalah dokumentasi kerja dan kegembiraan di atas dan belakang panggung selama proyek tersebut. Enak dibaca dan layak dijadikan referensi bagi siapa pun yang berminat pada produksi seni pertunjukan.

Panggung Paviliun Indonesia World Expo Shanghai 2010
Konsep Buku
Restu Imansari Kusumaningrum
Adila Suwarmo

Yusi Avianto Pareanom

English Text
Rani Ambyo
Suzanne Charle

Fendi Siregar
Gembong Hardian
Aiko Urfia Rakhmi

Abbi Andriani
Henny Dasriyani
Merry Menara Emiria

Rotua Magdalena
Christiany Tjipto

Ilustrasi Sampul
Gembong Hardian

Hak Cipta ada pada Bumi Purnati

ISBN 978-797-1079-22-8

2 Bahasa (Indonesia/English)
212 Halaman
HARGA Rp. 150.000

Buku Perjalanan 10 tahun Opera “ I La Galigo”

Buku Perjalanan 10 tahun Opera “ I La Galigo”

Buku Perjalanan 10 tahun Opera “ I La Galigo”

Karya Robert Wilson bekerjasama dengan Change Performing Arts, Milan-Italy dan Yayasan Bali Purnati, Bali-Indonesia

Berisikan tentang:
– I La Galigo : Sebuah Proses Lintasbudaya
– Naskah Galigo dan Suku Bugis Dulu dan Sekarang
– Puisi Sureq Galigo
– Sureq Galigo, Pengisahan Ulang Epos
– Pendeta Bissu, antara Mitos dan Kenyataan
– Cuplikan dari Sureq Galigo
– Warisan Sastra nan Unik
– Bahasa Para Dewa
– Dari Epic ke Panggung
– Sinopsis Pementasan
– Robert Wilson dan Dunia Seni Indonesia
– Antara Langit dan Bumi
– Dari Tanah Asal I La Galigo
– Sumber Musik I La Galigo
– Tarian Bugis Makassar
– Sumber Tari I La Galigo
– Dari Panggung Dunia Kembali
ke Tanah Kelahirannya, Makassar
– Tim Kreatif
– Change Performing Arts
– Yayasan Bali Purnati
– Watermill Center

2 Bahasa (Indonesia/English)
135 Halaman
Make Up PAC

Make Up PAC

Make Up PAC
The journey of I La Galigo International Theatre to various countries from 2004 to 2011 becomes a pride for Indonesia. A national cultural heritage that was previously only known within limited crowds has been transformed into one of the world art assets.
In Makeup I La Galigo, you will find a documentation on the journey of I La Galigo, from the development of its initial idea to the premier performance in Makassar, South Sulawesi in 2011, and read how commitment, hard work, and love of work are shown by artists and supporting teams from various countries.. The story behind the scenes about what the makeup team does gives an interesting passage of how a creative collaboration that brings balance and joy works. This book will also illustrate the development of the Indonesian art of cosmetology, starting from the products to the techniques used.

Perjalanan Teater Internasional I La Galigo ke berbagai negara sejak 2004 sampai 2011 sangat membanggakan Indonesia. Sebuah warisan luhur budaya nasional yang sebelumnya hanya dikenal di kalangan terbatas sudah menjelma menjadi kekayaan seni dunia.

Dalam Makeup I La Galigo, Anda akan menjumpai dokumentasi perjalanan I La Galigo, dari awal terbersitnya ide sampai pentas 2011 di Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan, dan membaca bagaimana komitmen, kerja keras, dan kecintaan diperlihatkan oleh seniman dan tim pendukung yang berasal dari berbagai negara. Cerita di balik layar mengenai apa yang dilakukan tim perias memberi gambaran menarik bagaimana berjalannya sebuah kerjasama kreatif yang saling mengisi dan mendatangkan kegembiraan. Buku ini juga akan memberi gambaran kemajuan seni tata rias Indonesia, mulai produk sampai teknik yang digunakan.

Tiga dari Galigo

Tiga dari Galigo

Tiga dari Galigo
Drs. H. Muhammad Salim

© Drs. H. Muhammad Salim
Penyunting: Yusi Avianto Pareanom
Cover: Tim Banana
Cetakan pertama, April 2011

Kerjasama Pemerintah Kota Makassar dan Yayasan Bali Purnati

ISBN: 978-979-1079-24-2

Berisikan tentang :

1. Sawérigading dalam Sureq Galigo
2. Nilai-nilai Pengembaraan Sawérigading yang
Termaktub dalam Sureq Galigo
3. Karena I Wé Cudai Magaligali Parukkuseng

Maka Namaku I La Galigo



I La Galigo


The story of Sureq Galigo is sometimes still shown to the people in many areas of Sulawesi in the form of a masureq- a presentation/reading of the Sureq Galigo texts with a special manner of vocal presentation. During the presentation the text is cut up or fragmented and these pieces are arranged into poetic lines, each...

June 29, 2019
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Dionysus Show in Indonesia


First Show in Indonesia Prambanan Temple Jogjakarta, Central Java, Indonesia October 2018

October 6, 2018
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Dionysus World Premiere


World Premiere Toga Art Park of Toyama Prefecture Toga, Japan August 2018

August 1, 2018
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Pameran Batik


Pameran Batik with Yayasan Losari, Singapore

November 4, 2015
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Making of Trokomod


Making of Trokomod - The Private Museum, Singapore In collaboration with the Commissioner and the producers of the Indonesia National Pavilion, The Private Museum presents ‘The Making of Trokomod, an exhibition of the creation of Voyage-Trokomod installation by Heri Dono’.

September 26, 2015
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VOYAGE—Trokomod National Pavilion Indonesia


Presenting National Pavilion Indonesia TROKOMOD at the 56th Venice Biennale 2015.
The Indonesia National Pavilion proudly presents VOYAGE—Trokomod at la Biennale di Venezia. Heri Dono, one of Indonesia’s most well known and internationally active contemporary artists,...

May 5, 2015
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Majalah Kriya


Majalah Kriya - DEKRANAS

May 2, 2015
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Under the Volcano


A theatre work inspired by Syair Lampung Karam 1883 a poem written by Sumatran Poet Muhammad Saleh In collaboration with The Bali Purnati Foundation and China Arts and Entertainment Group With Ensemble from Hitam Putih Art Community, Padang Panjang, Indonesia

November 7, 2014
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Festival Trowulan


“Keselarasan Keberagaman Indonesia”

November 6, 2014
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Sakti Performing Art


Sakti Performing Art bersama Rahayu Supanggah, Festival Pesta Rakyat - Esplanade, Singapore

August 29, 2014
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Art for Cancer Exhibition


The “ART for CANCER ” 2014 exhibition is a fund- and awareness raising program about cancer. It is initiated by the Indonesian Cancer Foundation – DKI Jakarta and organized in cooperation with the DKI Jakarta government and Bumi Purnati Indonesia.

March 17, 2014
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Toraja Festival


Toraja Festival bersama Franky Raden

September 28, 2013
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Spoleto Festival


Spoleto Festival Bersama Rahayu Supanggah, Italy Supanggah Gamelan Orchestra SAKTI The harmony of heaven Dance concert of classic music from Northern Indonesia

July 13, 2013
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"Sakti" National Pavilion Indonesia 55th Venice Binnale


"Sakti" National Pavilion Indonesia 55th Venice Binnale bersama 5 Seniman : Alberth Yonathan, Astari, Entang wiharso, Eko Nugroho dan Titarubi

June 1, 2013
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Menerbitkan buku "Make up by PAC"


Menerbitkan buku "Make up PAC" Make up by PAC Martha Tilaar for I La Galigo bekerja sama dengan PAC Martha Tilaar Group

May 26, 2012
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Menerbitkan Buku 10 Tahun Perjalanan I La Galigo


Bekerja sama dengan Yayasan Bali Purnati menerbitkan Buku 10 Tahun Perjalanan I La Galigo Produksi Teater I La Galigo di dunia Internasional, Bali - Indonesia

December 10, 2011
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Menerbitkan buku "PANGGUNG / THE STAGE BOOK" dokumentasi perjalanan seniman dalam World Shanghai Expo

November 5, 2011
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Launched serie of book titled “Modern Library of Indonesia”


Together with Lontar Foundation launched serie of book titled “Modern Library of Indonesia” while participating in Singapore Writing Festival. Singapore.

October 29, 2011
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Performance of Battery Dance Company


In collaboration with Embassy of the United States, produced a performance of the Battery Dance Company, Makassar.

October 1, 2011
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Memproduksi Opera I La Galigo


Bekerja sama dengan Yayasan Bali Purnati dan Chane Performance Arts memproduksi Opera I La Galigo berlabuh di Makasar.

April 30, 2011
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Menerbitkan buku filsafat seni budaya suku Bugis "Tiga Dari Galigo"


Menerbitkan buku filsafat seni budaya suku Bugis "Tiga Dari Galigo" Penulis Drs. H. Muhammad Salim bekerja sama dengan Pemerintah Sulawesi Selatan, Yayasan Bali Purnati dan Kementerian Kebudayaan dan Pariwisata RI

April 9, 2011
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Pameran Batik Losari


Bekerjasam dengan Yayasan Losari dalam Pameran Batik di Kementrian Perdagangan dan Koperasi untuk mempromosikan Batik Tulis dengan pewarna alam

December 25, 2010
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World Expo Shanghai


Manajemen seni pertunjukan untuk Paviliun Indonesia di World Expo Shanghai, China

May 29, 2010
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Photography CommonWealth, Dyacom, Freskont & Frisian Flag


Photography CommonWealth, Dyacom, Freskont & Frisian Flag

October 24, 2009
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Pameran Flora dan Fauna


Pembukaan Pameran Flora dan Fauna, Jakarta

July 17, 2009
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Memproduksi Seni Musik Kontemporer


Memproduksi Seni Musik Kontemporer bekerja sama dengan world music group Kronos Quarted Amerika Serikat dan Rahayu Supanggah di Bali, Indonesia

June 9, 2009
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Peluncuran Album NAFF


Peluncuran Album NAFF

May 15, 2009
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Renovasi Kertha Gosa


Renovasi Kertha Gosa

December 20, 2008
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Photography Hasnur Group


Photography Hasnur Group

October 25, 2008
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Konsultan Label Musica


Konsultan Label Musica untuk Group Band D'Masiv

August 30, 2008
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Konsultasi Label Trinity Optima


Konsultasi Label Trinity Optima :
  • Group Band Niji (Religi)
  • Group Band ST12
  • Group Band NAFF

July 26, 2008
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Pelestarian Bangunan Cagar Budaya Kertha Gosa di Klungkung, Bali


Mendukung dan melakukan penelitian untuk Pelestarian Bangunan Cagar Budaya Kertha Gosa di Klungkung, Bali untuk dijadikan sebagai pameran instalasi, Bali

March 29, 2008
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Nokia Gala Dinner - Bali


Nokia Gala Dinner - Bali

December 31, 2007
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